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Welcome to the home of Mirabell Bengals!!

At Mirabell Bengals, Denver, Colorado's best Bengal cat breeder, we breed and have Bengal kittens available all year long.

They come from the country's top champion lines, combining the best qualities of our beloved Bengals: excellent health, fun and friendly character, beautiful wild look and conformation, and, of course, clear brilliant patterns!

We usually have Bengal kittens available in Brown and Snow Spotted/Rosetted patterns. We love Bengals and enjoy our never-ending adventures with them and our quest to create brilliant examples of the breed.

All About Bengals

Bengals are a new breed that has soared into high demand in the last few years. People are recognizing the unique desirable differences compared to a common domestic. Gone are the days when you only see your cat when it wants food or attention. Bengal Cats and Kittens want to be part of the family at all times and are very loyal pets. Their intelligence and ability to reason are uncanny. They can figure out what would be almost impossible tasks for a normal cat.


The athletic abilities of these cats are a sight to behold. I won't make unwarranted claims, but from personal experience, my cats have leaped onto my pot/plant shelves approximately nine feet up. Bengal cats love being in high places to assess the activity below. Bengals are always a source of entertainment and will follow you from room to room. Most love to cuddle once the energy wears down. Almost all of them will sleep on the bed at night if allowed. My kitten contract stipulates that any animal adopted will remain an indoor cat obviously for the safety and longevity of the pet. However, these animals are very easy to leash train.


Some Bengals love to go into a swimming pool now and then for a quick swim. The love of water is inherent as the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) hunted for food in the water. They will bat and play in the water while keeping an eye out for everything around them to make sure that they don't miss anything fun.


Another consideration in choosing a Bengal is that Bengals seem to be more easily tolerated by people suffering from allergies. Allergens are caused by a protein in the saliva that causes dander and allergic reactions in some people. The cats are not allergen-free, but some find relief in owning a Bengal compared to other domestics as they shed minimally and groom themselves less frequently. I have placed Bengal kittens with people who had historically been very allergic to other cats but were able to tolerate their Bengals well. Several have even come back for a second, and even third, Bengal kitten.


Bengals typically get along well with other domestic cats and dogs, often treating them as if they are siblings, even though they are another species entirely. Two Bengals are even more fun than one! I sometimes tell my buyers that Bengals are like potato chips. You can't stop with just one!


Bengals require lots of human attention and exercise. If you are going to be away for 10-12 hours a day, then it would not be wise to add a Bengal Cat to your family. They will become bored and destructive if left alone for long periods. Being the athletes that they are, a high-quality diet is of vital importance. High protein foods are necessary as they should eat the same as their wild ancestors. You can supplement by sharing a piece of chicken, fish, or beef with your cat at dinner. If you want something more than just a "looks" cat then a Bengal is for you. 

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We are located in Commerce City, Colorado. Please feel free to reach out!




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